Yta 2013

Young Talent Award 2013 ╱ 全坤建設

『 YTA - YOUNG TALENT AWARD 台灣建築系所學生競圖 』自2007年開始由全坤建設主辦,2013年度以『公共與社會議題』為題對全台建築系所學生公開徵件,最後選出十位獲獎學生的設計圖面與模型做展出,是各地建築學系參與相當踴躍的徵件比賽。“YTA Young Talent Award” has been hosted by CHAINQUI Construction since 2007. In 2013, they called for submission with the theme of “Public and Social Issues”, competition was opened to all architecture students in Taiwan. Only ten students and their award-winning design drawings and models were selected and displayed at the exhibition. It was a very competitive event among architecture students.

Exhibition Identity by Wu Yu-Heng

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每一個展出學生的設計圖面需要被重新編排在A0的紙張上懸掛起來,我根據每一個學生的設計調性及規劃的尺度,挑選出最能表現設計意圖的圖面加以編輯,作為現場的展示說明。Each of the exhibitor’s design drawing needed to be rearranged on A0 size paper and hung up on the wall. Based on the design style and scale of each student, I picked the most expressive drawings and edited it as part of the showcase description.