屋子官方網站 WUTZ website

屋子是一棟四層樓的自由租賃空間,為台北一家建築設計公司經營,空間本身不販售內容,平常即是一間空蕩蕩的房子,目的在介入最少、最單純的租賃方式來作為空間再利用的經營模式。WUTZ is a four-story building with open space for rent, operated by an architecture design firm in Taipei. The house itself does not sell any content or product, it’s kept open and empty when not rented purposely, to provide a space with minimum interfere and unlimited possibilities.

─ 2017 ─



Web Design

屋子的網站亦不是銷售為目的,比較像是線上的典藏系統展示著曾經發生過的活動紀錄,讓未來有空間需求的人可以參考。所有基本資料在網站首頁就一目了然,主選單也只有1234F的樓層資料加上之前的活動紀錄,非常簡單易懂。The purpose of the website is not for selling products either, it’s more like an online gallery documenting past events, for future reference. All the essential information can be found on the front page at first glance. Main menu contains only space information and previous events of each floor. Very simple and easy to understand.
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