Soundscape brand exhibition 聲景特展 ╱ Bowers & Wilkins Taiwan

Soundscape 聲景品牌特展,是⾳響品牌 Bowers & Wilkins 設計的體驗式展覽。策展⼈邀請了許多位知名的設計師、時尚⼯作者、作家、藝術家⽤聲⾳描繪出他們一日的⽣活樣貌。並重新錄製各個生活場景中的聲⾳,最後在展覽現場用B&W⾼傳真⾳質的耳機重現到觀眾的⽿耳中,傳達B&W的品牌精神“Listen and you will see”。Soundscape brand exhibition is an experiential exhibition designed by the audio company Bowers & Wilkins. The curator invited many well-known designers, people who work in fashion industry, writers, and artists, to portray their daily lives with sounds. They then re-recorded the sound of each scene, and presented the final versions to audience at the exhibition with B&W high quality headphones, to express the B&W brand philosophy “Listen and you will see.” 

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─ 2012 ─



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我編輯了這些聲音創作者的人像攝影及聲音場景的文本,因為聲音腳本沒有特定的字數及書寫形式,所以在編排上也不侷限系統性對齊關係,讓這份腳本也回歸到一種隨機而靈活的感覺上。I edited these sound creators’ portraits and their scripts for each scene. There was no rules for scripts, no restriction on numbers of words or form of writing, so the layout was not limited to be systematic or had any form of alignment, which gave these scripts a random and flexible feeling.
Photos by 汪德範