A Miracle in Time

奇蹟的發生特展 A Miracle in Time ╱ 敬土豆文化工作室 Local Methodology Studio

『⾦⾨出洋故事展 - 奇蹟的發⽣』,以10組事件(故事)串連出金⾨⼈出洋賺錢,最後回到家鄉為親族建設洋樓,中間所經歷的故事以及背後的歷史脈絡。“A Miracle in Time,” with series of ten episodes of events (stories) about Kinmenese people making money working overseas, how they finally returned to hometown and built western style buildings for families, and their experiences and history behind the context.  

─ 2014 ─



Exhibition Identity . Information Graphics . Poster

因為展覽的素材(展示品、圖像、媒體)相當有限的前提下,我將10組事件的圖樣放大,依順序排列導引出整個閱讀展覽的視線,並且讓這10組圖樣作為『環境視覺』、『說明圖示』、『展品再現』的功能同時成立。Since the exhibition materials (exhibits, images, media) were very limited, I enlarged images for every event, set them in order as a visual guideline of the exhibition. They also functioned as “environment visual”, “description illustration”, and “exhibits representation” at the same time.
photos by  敬土豆文化工作室 Local Methodology Studio