Kizuna Fair

絆 KIZUNA FAIR 交流展 ╱ MPX Publisher 很有文化出版

日本代官山蔦屋書店邀請,由MPX很有文化出版社策畫,由六組知名策展人挑選台灣的音樂、電影、食味、設計、器物等選品至蔦屋書局交流展出。Invited by Japanese bookstore TSUTAYA at Daikanyama, MPX grouped six curators with solid reputation to select Taiwanese music, movies, food, design, and artifacts to be exhibited. 

Exhibition Logotype by Cizoo Design

─ 2015 ─


Poster . Brochure . Prints . Web Design

一切出自主辦方間誠摯的心意,才能促成這次台日文化的交流展。文宣設計上刻意排了比較寬鬆的文字和大幅照片,所以不需要費力閱讀,就像熟識朋友親切地說給你聽。Thanks to the sincerity of the organizers, this cross culture event between Taiwan and Japan could happen. We deliberately arranged the text to be more spaced out and used large photos when designing and editing promotional materials, to avoid readability issues and to give a relaxed feeling like a friend talking to you. .
Photography by Ryuta Seki / 鄭弘敬  Portrait by 韓承燁  Illustration by Jackie Chen
photos by Ryuta Seki / Takahiro Michinaka