iFit CEC

iFit 愛瘦身-社群專屬體驗中心 iFit physical center 

電子商務iFit在成立的第三年初開始拓展線下的實體市場,除了原有的消費性商品外,新成立的實體中心近一步提供會員專屬的健康課程與諮詢服務,這樣新的服務內容需與原本線上商城的做出區隔,重新發展另一系列強調專業親和的視覺形象。E-commerce business iFit started expanding to offline market at the beginning of their third year. In addition to their original consumer goods, the newly established physical location provides exclusive fitness courses and consulting services for members. This clearly distinguished their market from online shops, developing a new series of visual identity emphasis on professional but approachable brand image. 

Illustration by 火車

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因為新的服務內容包含許多專業的運動科學知識,設計上從一開始就決定用“專家”的插畫角色做輔助,把看起來生硬的建教內容編輯的親和有趣。Since new services contain a lot of professional knowledge on sports science, we incorporated illustrations of experts as assistants in the design, to transform the boring educational content into more interesting and engaging approach.


 環境視覺指示 Environment Graphics

環境視覺指示 Environment Graphics

環境視覺指示 Environment Graphics