Hoshino Wedding

台灣星野婚禮 Hoshino Wedding Taiwan ╱ 湯桂禎國際旅行社 Rolisa Tour  

星野婚禮(台灣)特別為了日本星野集團下五個婚禮教堂製作了一系列的微型網站,讓台灣的新人能更方便取得中文資訊進一步規劃他們的海外婚禮。Hoshino Wedding Taiwan made a series of micro-sites for five wedding chapels under Hoshino Japan, so that Taiwanese couples can easily access information in Chinese in order to plan their overseas weddings.

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主網站在一個長頁面中呈現五個教堂的外觀跟基本資訊,每個教堂的資訊被編排在小小的區塊裡,但是透過圖文左右關係變化讓版面不會顯的呆板。Than main website presents the appearance and basic information of five chapels in a long scrolling page. Information for each chapel is arranged within a small block, but through changing up the positions of text and images, the overall layout does not look dull.

在挑選照片的時候,特別注意照片的取景角度以及挑出人物動態與教堂相襯的照片,既使在網頁上就能感受教堂間不同的型格。When selecting photos, we paid special attention to the camera angle and composition of people and the background, so that viewers are able to get a feeling of different features for each chapel from the website.