Beitou Museum

百年泉湧特展 Beitou Hot Spring Museum’s permanent exhibition ╱ 北投溫泉博物館

百年泉湧 | 北投溫泉博物館常設展覽,需重新設計館內常設的展⽰將現有展品汰舊換新,新設計中將原有⽇式木作建築作為重點展⽰情境,並增加多媒、互動的展示內容,期望⽤更⽣動的⽅式吸引民眾。In the Centennial Spring | Beitou Hot Spring Museum’s permanent exhibition, needed to redesign the outdated display in the exhibition area. The new design keeps the original Japanese wooden architecture as main display atmosphere, and adds multimedia and interactive content, expecting to attract more people with a more interesting and active way.  

© Archicake Design
─ 2013 ─




特展中為了保留最多⽇式木作建築的露出,大部份說明的版面是相對壓縮而且不連續的。我們選用插畫的方式讓小巧的版面顯得豐富,以及運用電子相框/再製印刷品/立體等形式讓展示的內容更加生動。In order to keep the maximum appearance of Japanese wooden architectures, most of the display panels were relatively compressed and non-sequenced. We used illustrations to fill the small area of each layout, and incorporated media such as digital photo frames/ replica/ three dimensional display to enrich the content.
Photos by 汪德範